لوگو دکینگ وود

Green terrace or garden terrace

تراس گاردن

Terrace Garden

The garden terrace is the creation of a platform or a high place compared to its surroundings, in such a way that it is superior in terms of height and visibility, and usually the purpose of creating it in houses and especially apartments is to provide a place for residents to be present and use It is out of light, fresh air and scenery. That is why the creation of green spaces in apartment spaces is growing every day.

Due to the rapid growth of cities and buildings and the significant destruction of the environment and nature over the past few decades, the need to restore nature to the cities and living environment was felt more than ever. Therefore, the use of roof spaces, courtyards and patios was proposed as one of the solutions to compensate for the lack and poverty of greenery. With the design and implementation of the green roof or roof garden, green patio, landscaping and finally the garden terrace, it was possible to compensate for part of this gap.

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