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Plastic sole

The plastic sole is placed in the lower part of plastic wood mosaic tiles, Termwood and artificial grass, and its material is ABS plastic.

These soles are produced in dimensions of 27.5 x 27.5 and 30 x 30 cm, with a thickness of about 2 cm. The placement of these soles in the lower part of the wood plastic or termwood mosaic tile makes these floors have superior features compared to other floors.

Among these features, the following can be mentioned:

Electrical insulation

Dimensional stability

Impact resistant

High strength and durability

High weight bearing capacity

Sound, cold and heat insulation


Portable and portable

And other features that we describe:

This plastic sole has very low water absorption despite its high flexibility.

They can be installed easily and quickly, even without the need for an installer and a specialist, therefore, in large areas, the work can be completed faster than other floorings.

It is considered among the portable materials because you can easily move them.

Their maintenance is easy because in case of damage, any part that needs to be repaired or replaced can be removed and replaced with another sole.

The resistance of these tiles is as high as flooring decks.

Due to the low height of these soles mentioned above, the finished height of the work (after installing plastic or thermo wood on the plastic sole) is 4 to 4.5 cm, and for this reason, in places with height restrictions You see, using these soles and mosaic tiles is the best option; But using Termwood or Plastic wood in the form of three-meter branches made the finished height of the work more than 10 cmThis plastic sole can also be used in dry and small spaces such as terraces or balconies that do not need continuous washing

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